Diet Innovations

Diet Innovations

Best Nutrition Innovation 2019

We all know that it is important to keep ourselves healthy, and we all know now that eating well is an important part of the equation.

No matter how well you exercise, you’ll not be any better off if you are not eating well in order to support your body.

For this reason many are turning to innovative ways of dieting that make the most of the scientific research and advancements in understanding of how nutrition works.

You should of course exercise caution before purchasing any diet product, and check any relevant review sites such in order to get others’ opinions. The diet industry is a large and lucrative business, and there are a lot of people who stand to make a lot of money out of this modern diet trend. As a result you should be on your guard.

So, what are the latest diet innovations that you should be following in order to make the most of your fitness journey?

Gluten Free Foods

Gluten free has received a lot of attention recently with the rise in  awareness of the possible problems that gluten in the diet can produce.

The thing is though, it’s not just the gluten intolerant that potentially have a problem.

More and more, gluten is being recognised as problematic for the body, and new variants of wheat can contain elevated levels compared to older varieties.

We can expect gluten free to move out of the fad market and become mainstream, hopefully as more people recognise the possible damage that gluten does.

App Dieting

Yes, there is anapp for that…

Even dieting hasn’t escaped the app treatment. There is an app for almost every diet under the sun. If you can think it, then someone else has probably written an app for it.

But apps on your phone aren’t just there for you to count calories on your latest diet. More and more apps can be used to follow eating habits and help change behaviour.

Be careful how much personal information you divulge when using apps though. Many diet and personal fitness apps may be asking far too much of your private information, so use these with care.

Blending Tech

If you like to blend your food, then you are probably a big smoothie fan.

There are a heap of new blending tools out on the market, and each one claims a new technological breakthrough.

One of the most appealing innovations is ablender that takes the air out of your smoothies as you blend them.

This is a great idea, as it can reduce oxidation of the food as it is blended and stored.

Less oxidation means more nutrition and a healthier smoothie.


As we march headlong into a technological future, make sure that at least some of this tech is working for you, and take advantage of the innovations that are coming to the market.

Whatever your dietary interest, there is bound to be something on the market to suit you.