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Add some tasty beets to your dinner plate with this healthy and easy recipe. Beets pack a ton of vitamin and might even aid you run sooner. Also, learn the way to sauté those beat greens.

Selain serat, tanaman pangan banyak mengandung senyawa fitokimia (phytos = tanaman, chemical compounds = zat kimia) yang menjadi topik penelitian yang sangat penting karena diantara zat tersebut dapat memberikan fungsi – fungsi fisiologis yang luar biasa menguntungkan bagi kesehatan termasuk dalam pencegahan terhadap penyakit degeneratif (Hendrich , 1994). Beberapa fitokimia yang diketahui mempunyai fungsi fisiologis adalah karotenoid, fitosterol, saponin, glukosilonat, polifenol, inhibitor protease, monoterpen, fitoestrogen, sulfida dan asam fitat.Healthy Food

Konsumsi buah dabn sayur dalam jumlah banyak sulit dilakukan karena volumenya besar, sementara kapasitas lambung sangat terbatas. Untuk memperbesar daya terima lambung dan meningkatkan asupan zat-zat yang terkandung yang terkandung dalam sayur dan buah, dapat dilakukan dengan membuat jus. Data Badan Kesehatan Dunia (WHO) menunjukkan …

Understanding Pica

What is Pica?

Pica is a condition that causes people to eat non-food substances that have no nutritional value and some that can actually be harmful to them especially in substantial amounts.  It can affect children and adults alike of either gender at any age and be linked to both physical and mental health conditions.  People with pica will still eat a normal diet in addition to the non-food substance that they crave, and it can go undiagnosed if they eat non harmful items like ice.  It’s believed to be relatively common, but experts aren’t sure as research studies can have different definitions of the condition, and many cases go unreported.


There isn’t a single known cause for developing pica, but there are several things that can lead to its development.  It’s believed that anaemia, caused by iron deficiency in pregnant women can cause

9 Foods That Do More Harm Than Good To Our Bodies

9 Foods That Do More Harm Than Good To Our Bodies

Brown bread is less unhealthy than white bread but is plentiful in unhealthy preservatives

As the importance of eating healthy and organic has recently, so has misinformation on the same. The need to consume fresh, healthy, and unprocessed foods has in various healthy food options. However, these ‘healthy’ food alternatives may not be as healthy as you may think.

Various foods marketed as healthy may cause more harm to our bodies than good. Although some of these foods are healthier than traditionally unhealthy foods, they might not provide us with enough nutrients. In this article, we discuss various foods that might appear healthy but do more harm to us than good.

9 ‘healthy’ foods that are causing us more harm than good:

1. Granola bars

Granola bars have emerged as a healthy snack but that is untrue. Most granola bars are abundant in butter, sugar, preservatives, vegetable oil, molasses,

High costs means kids are missing out on healthy food

Will Boddington / 04 August 2022

fruit vegies1

Kids in childcare are not being fed enough fruit, grains and veggies according to a Geelong study of menus in 18 Victorian centres.

A Deakin University study found only one met nutrition guidelines, while over a third were not offering enough fruit.

Lead author Audrey Elford, said it was concerning that only one of the childcare centers in the study met food standard guidelines.

“We know there is a concern among childcare providers that ‘healthy menus’, which include more fruits and vegetables, will cost more because of the rising cost of these foods,” Ms Elford said.

“Many people also believe that healthy food will just be wasted because of a mistaken belief that children prefer to eat less healthy food options.”

The study’s found the rising cost of healthy food is making it harder for childcare centered to offer enough fruit.

Ms Elford said