The Best Functional Medicine Doctor

The Best Functional Medicine Doctor

How to Find the Best Functional Medicine Doctor?

Functional medicine is a great approach where the main focus of a doctor is to identify and address the root cause of a problem rather than just treating the symptoms. A functional medicine doctor understands that when a patient undergoes a diagnosis, the symptoms they display contribute partially to the person’s illness. Research conducted on nutrition, epigenetics, and genomics revealed that using an individual approach to treat diseases has a great impact. Functional medicine Denver CO-based supports the findings of this study.

The Benefits of Functional Medicine

(i) Long-term Health Plan

Functional medicine develops a long-term health plan whose sole purpose is to address the individual’s needs. According to functional medicine, pharmaceutical intervention focuses on managing symptoms, leaving out a person’s lifestyle, history, and other unique circumstances, and is only appropriate for urgent care.

(ii) In-depth Consultations

Functional medicine creates an in-depth relationship between the patient and the doctor. When you visit a functional doctor, he or she takes time to listen to you and will not interrupt you to write you a prescription based on the symptoms. You can find a clear description of in-depth consultations at functional medicine. If you are planning to visit a functional doctor, you need to set aside one hour for an extensive consultation.

(iii) Lifestyle Changes

Functional medicine doesn’t offer quick fixes, like taking painkillers to suppress the pain while the root cause remains unknown. Functional medicine will seek to know the root cause of your sickness, what lifestyle behaviors you need to change, and could be your environment exposing you to diseases. Becoming healthy is a journey that you will take with your doctor as a coach and will gradually help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. You will be receiving follow-up visits regularly from your doctor. Do not be surprised when your doctor asks you to exercise more, have enough sleep, and eat a balanced diet as part of your prescription.

(iv) Holistic Approach

Functional medicine has a holistic approach to taking care of your physical, mental, and social health. Check for more benefits of functional medicine at Functional Medicine Denver CO. When it is your first time trying functional medicine since you have no idea whether it will work or not, you may feel scared, but the outcome is worth the risk.

(v) Avoid Drug Resistance

Since functional medicine focuses on the root cause of an issue, it recommends a long-term treatment plan which is a safer mode of treatment. The mode of treatment advocated for by functional medicine does support the use of drugs, thus lowering the chances of drug resistance in your body.