Types of Handguns

Types of Handguns

Whether you’re new to firearms or have been using them all your life, you might want a little extra help choosing your next handgun. There are lots of different types of handguns and each can be useful in different situations and serve different purposes. Choosing the right gun for you can take some time and consideration, but there are a few popular options that work for most people.


The first type of handgun is your semi-automatic pistol. These are the types of guns most law enforcement officers carry. They contain a magazine that holds the bullets and other more advanced features in some models. You can choose to outfit these pistols with an MCK — micro conversion kit — if you want to use them for more powerful shooting like with hunting when you’d usually use a rifle. Semi-automatic weapons are the most popular choice for concealed carry, home use and competitive shooting.


Another type of handgun is the revolver. These are your more traditional pistols, and typically have a seven-shot storage cylinder that you can load with .32 caliber bullets. The double-action revolver is the most common and might bring to mind the guns used in old Western movies. These are fairly popular for concealed carry and home use, but not many people use them in shooting competitions and you won’t see law enforcement officers carrying them.

There are also single-shot revolvers, but these are less common. They work on a break-action design and only give the user one shot before needing to reload. These pistols are typically more collector’s items than useful handguns.

Choosing your handgun can depend on your needs or preferences, and often the first step is deciding if you want a semi-automatic weapon or a revolver. Weigh your options and make the best choice for you!