Alternatives to Pills to Alleviate Pain

Alternatives to Pills to Alleviate Pain

Besides being expensive and potentially addicting, pills prescribed to relieve pain can have long-term undesirable health effects. Increased risk of a heart attack, depression, constipation and hormonal problems have all been linked to medicine that contains opioids. There are a few alternatives you can experiment with to try and find relief from daily pain.

Go Green

Several states in the U.S. have laws on the books allowing the use of cannabis for medical ailments, and a few have even legalized the herb for recreational use. This remedy can be found in shops such as a Chicago marijuana dispensary. Those who choose to use THC as an alternative have many options. Infused snacks, vapor cartridges, and standard flower are available. Edibles will have the least impact on health due to not having to inhale smoke or vapor.

Step Outside of the Mainstream

People with chronic pain can also utilize acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. Although both seem to be looked down upon by the medical profession, they do have benefits and are useful to some. Acupuncture is thought to release pain-numbing chemicals in the body as well as helping to block pain indications from the nerves. The procedure is minimally invasive and causes no known health defects. A routine of spinal manipulation can facilitate muscle relaxation and a host of other perks for the body. All vertebrae are linked to different systems of the body, so keeping them in order will help in the long-run.


Regular movement has been shown to keep the body functioning correctly. You don’t have to run a marathon every day to get your daily quota of activity. Taking a short walk or performing a stretching routine can aid in alleviating muscle soreness and even provide a boost of energy. Small workouts can also fight depression and anxiety, which are common symptoms reported by people living with chronic pain.