Skipping Has a Myriad of Benefits for Our Body

Skipping Has a Myriad of Benefits for Our Body

Skipping is a type of light exercise that you can do to get the benefits of exercise. The type of exercise that is included in the plyometric sports group is one of the light sports that can increase body strength.

Jumping rope or skipping is also a sport that is suitable for those of you who are trying to lose weight. The reason is, by skipping 20 times in each training session, you can burn as many as 200 calories. However, there are various things that you need to pay attention to before doing skipping sports, to avoid injuries that you are at risk of experiencing. Come on, see more benefits of skipping for the body, here!

Routinely doing skipping or jumping rope can make you feel some good benefits for health. Here are the benefits of skipping for the body that you need to know:

1.Improve Body Balance

Practicing jumping rope regularly can actually help improve your body’s balance. In addition, coordination between the bodies will also improve. This exercise will make the brain focus on the legs to make good jumps. In addition, the brain will also make other bodies more balanced so that the jump rope movement can run well.

2. Help Burn Calories

Jumping rope or skipping can burn calories in the body as much as 200-300 calories for 15 minutes of practice. This is because when you jump rope, a lot of heat is generated by the body to get energy by burning calories.

3. Improving Heart Health

Exercises that repeat the jumping motion quickly get the heart beating and pumping blood. This will improve cardiovascular health as well as heart health. For those of you who have a risk of cardiovascular disease, there’s nothing wrong with doing this exercise regularly to avoid various risks.

4. Increases bone density

Jumping rope that is done regularly can increase bone density and bone strength. The condition of dense and strong bones will prevent you from various health problems that occur in the bones.

To feel the benefits of skipping, you need to pay attention to these things before doing sports, such as:
a. Wear comfortable clothes for exercising and don’t forget to wear shoes to avoid the risk of injury.
b. Look for a surface that is not slippery and flat for you to use as a location for jumping rope. If you jump rope indoors, make sure the ceiling is not too low.
c. Warm up before jumping rope. You can do light jumps without ropes for 5–10 minutes. After that, you can do this exercise comfortably.

When jumping rope, place your hands 30 centimeters from your waist. Then, jump slowly by moving your wrists to rotate the rope. Avoid swinging with your shoulders. When landing after a jump, use the pads of your feet as if you were tiptoeing.
Don’t skip too much because it can make your heart work harder.