How To Better Understand Scientific Research

How To Better Understand Scientific Research


As scientists continue to make new discoveries every day, it can be difficult for those in non-science disciplines to understand the significance of this research. Fortunately, there are numerous resources for lay people and professionals alike to make sense of these findings.


Reading Newly Published Articles

The most common source for new research is published articles. Scientific articles are published in journals throughout the world, and many are available online. PubMed, sponsored by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, collects findings from multiple journals and allows users to easily browse through articles. However, many of these articles contain terms that might be difficult for those outside of the scientific field to understand.


Understanding the Research

Reading articles is not useful if you cannot interpret the findings. One of the fastest growing areas of study is clinical research in psychiatry and neuroscience, and research in neuroscience is among the most difficult to understand. Even psychiatrists and mental health professionals do not fully comprehend how the human brain works, according to recent studies. But this is not a hopeless situation. There are organizations and websites that teach people about neuroscience by explaining both the science and the data presented in these articles. Once you learn how to interpret data, your ability to understand these new findings will greatly improve.


Applying Your Newly Acquired Knowledge

Scientific research is conducted on a daily basis throughout the world. Whether it’s chemistry, psychiatry or medicine, there is no shortage of articles for you to read. An excellent source for new research is Nature. Published weekly, this journal offers papers on numerous topics, and reading these articles is a great way to put your new knowledge of scientific and clinical research to work.


Knowing how research is conducted and how to interpret data are important steps in understanding scientific research. With help from online resources, the ability to understand the research and findings is within your reach.

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