Is Independent Senior Living Right For You?

Is Independent Senior Living Right For You?

As you enter your senior years, your needs—physical, mental and emotional—are bound to change. This often culminates in seeking a new place to live, whether to receive the assistance you need or simply to pursue freedom and fulfillment. Senior living doesn’t have to mean nursing homes or institutional care, though. Retirement communities for independent living in Denver may be just what you need.

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What is Independent Senior Living?

Independent senior living typically entails communities designed for adults 55 years and older that need a change of pace but are self-sufficient enough to not require 24/7 supervision or skilled nursing. Housing options can include apartments, cottages, single family homes and more. Residents are not expected to need dedicated caretakers or nurses throughout their daily lives, though they may choose to seek third-party care on their own terms when necessary. In many ways, they resemble most other forms of communal living and often include similar amenities, but they also provide a community of independent, elderly peers.

Independent Versus Assisted Living

Independent living communities are not the same thing as assisted living. Residents in assisted living facilities choose to live there because they require help with daily activities like eating, dressing, medication and hygiene. An independent living community may have services to provide conveniences like local transportation, housekeeping or basic security, but in all other aspects the residents are able to care for themselves. The intent is more to alleviate some of the burdens one might face living in a more generalized community as they grow older.

Is This the Community for Me?

This is a significant question at any point in your life, and that includes after retirement. Independent living communities can vary greatly, ranging from local services and housing provided to financial considerations. Broadly, though, considering a retirement community is a good idea if:

  • You find that maintaining your home is increasingly difficult;
  • You currently need little assistance but anticipate that you might need more in the future;
  • You are concerned about being socially isolated;
  • You’re seeking the freedom you need to feel fulfilled.