3 Road Bike Purchasing Tips

3 Road Bike Purchasing Tips

Road biking can be a fun hobby and a great way to get some exercise while exploring the country. Choosing the right road bike for your needs is essential for getting the most enjoyment out of this activity. These three tips can help you select the best road bike for you.

5 Tips for Purchasing Your First Road Bike | Campus Recreation

1. Talk to an Expert

If you are completely new to road biking, it may be best to seek some expert advice, before purchasing your first bike. A road bike Easton, dealer can help you choose the right bike for your needs and budget. Some helpful information to have ready before you call or visit the store is the type of bike you ride now, how much biking experience you have, what your budget is, what type of riding you plan to do and what bike features are the most important to you.

2. Choose the Right Frame Type

Road bikes come in three main frame types. Sport, or recreational, frame types are the most common. This frame type is best suited for occasional long rides or frequent short rides. Performance, or race, frames feature improved aerodynamics and more precise control but can be less comfortable and more expensive. These bikes are best suited for competitive riders. Flat bar bikes combine the more upright and comfortable riding position of sport bikes with some of the performance features of race bikes. These can be good choices for people who use their bikes for commuting.

3. Take a Test Ride

No amount of research can replace the value of actually riding the bike you want to purchase. Try to find a local dealer who will let you test ride the model bike you are considering purchasing.

Taking the time to choose the right road bike for your needs can greatly increase your enjoyment of the sport. These three tips can help you make the right purchasing decision.