3 Challenges in Hospital Supply Chain Management

3 Challenges in Hospital Supply Chain Management

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The medical supply chain is a vital part of the healthcare industry. There exist hospital supply chain optimization solutions that help facilitate it. Check out this list of three challenges that often arise as hospital workers attempt to manage their supply chain.

1. Supply Waste

Many hospital staff members have reported the existence of supply waste in their facilities. Practitioners and other medical personnel will use more items than necessary or throw away items that still had some amount of product left within them. Waste has a negative impact on the healthcare supply chain because it makes it harder for people to estimate their establishments’ future needs. If workers continuously waste products, then the number of items will dissipate much more quickly than anticipated, making it harder to predict how much product will be needed in the future.

2. Supply Deficiency

Supply deficiency is a huge problem that can affect a medical professional’s ability to deliver high-quality care to his or her patients. There have been cases in which physicians did not have specific instruments or substances at hand while they were performing a procedure. There have also been instances when nurses felt compelled to used expired products because there were no up-to-date ones available. Many medical malpractice lawsuits have been initiated because of the negligence that occurred as a result of supply deficiency.

3. Inaccurate Tracking

A multitude of establishments track and monitor their supplies manually. This often results in errors and leads to more problems in a hospital staff’s regulation of its inventory. When items are tallied by hand, miscounts can occur. Items handled manually can also be mislabeled and misplaced. To prevent inventory inaccuracies from happening, a plethora of medical facilities have adopted supply chain management software and other related applications.

A lack of good hospital supply chain management can lead to disarray. This is why many in the medical field have invested in supply chain optimization systems.