What to Look for in Finding a Family Doctor

What to Look for in Finding a Family Doctor

Your health is important. It’s also important to have a family physician. This person is someone who does the regular checkups to you and follow ups you might need. However, finding this person shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are a few things to consider when you are searching for your primary care physician. 

Insurance Might Dictate 

Depending on the insurance you have, you might want to start looking at your insurance company. The reason that this might be important for you to do is because they might have a list of doctors in your area that are what are called in network. When a doctor is in network, this means that the insurance company will cover the typical things such as your wellness checks and so forth. If a doctor isn’t in network, then you are left paying for the fees out of pocket even if you have the insurance. 

Finding Someone Trustworthy 

You can read all the reviews you want online concerning a family doctor soldotna ak. However, if you really want true in depth knowledge, then you might want to try and ask people who they might use. When you ask referrals from people you know and trust, you know what they say is truthful. They can give you their personal account of how things went and it’s easier to ask them the questions you wish to ask. 

Time Allowance and Distance 

Of course you want a doctor who is in network, but once you find those doctors, you will want to keep a few other things in mind. The location is always something to consider. Some of you might not mind driving a bit further if the doctor is all you wish for them to be, but if you are on a time limit or have to work and schedule a doctor’s appointment during work hours, then you might want to find someone who is a bit closer and has times that work with your schedule. There are some doctors who actually have Saturday office hours or extended office hours as they understand people have odd work and life schedules. 

Attitude is Everything 

The biggest thing is to be sure you can deal with the staff. You wouldn’t know how many people have found they love the doctor but find the staff rude or vice versa. They might like the staff but find the doctor doesn’t have the best bedside manner. This is why it is always encouraged to call and ask to set up a consultation. This allows you to see how they answer the phone and allows you to then meet with the doctor and ask questions. Most all doctors are always willing to do a consultation just to ensure the two of you are a fit for one another. 

It’s wise not to rush this process. Rushing it could do you a world of harm. You want a doctor who is going to listen to you and take you seriously. Have questions ready and have patience!