What Services Does a Dentist Provide?

What Services Does a Dentist Provide?

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Regular trips to the dentist are crucial to maintaining a healthy smile, but what exactly does one do during an appointment, and how often should you go? The average dentist can provide the following services.

Regular Check Ups

Most dentists will schedule their patients for two check ups per year. These appointments are designed to periodically make sure that the patient’s teeth are being maintained well. During most check ups, a dentist and their assistant will check teeth and gums for any signs of decay, swelling or disease. If any problems arise, then the next steps will be discussed with the patient.

Teeth Cleaning

If everything checks out, the duo will then work to clean the teeth in order to remove any present plaque. Once all debris has been removed, the dentist then polishes teeth. Since it is seen as a basic service, there are many dentists who can help with teeth whitening in Brooklyn.

Teeth Management

Complete with a unique reputation, root canals are performed in order to combat an infection in teeth. Once an infection or plaque is dealt with, a filling restores the structure of a tooth to protect from further decay. For teeth damaged, ingrown or decayed beyond repair, a tooth extraction can prevent further pain or risk of infection. A small gap between teeth can then be filled with a crown, or a dentist may create a mold for dentures to deal with a significant gap.


Available to both teens and adults, braces work to radically realign a person’s teeth so that they reach an optimal alignment. While most commonly associated with orthodontists, dentists can also administer braces to patients. Monitoring every step of the process, dentists can maintain braces from initial consultation to final retainer.

Keeping teeth healthy and clean is the key to preserving a beautiful smile. Make sure to attend regular appointments with a dentist and maintain a thorough brushing and flossing schedule.