5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use A Mobile Phone While Exercising

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use A Mobile Phone While Exercising

7 reasons not to let your phone spoil your workout

Are you so addicted to your phone that you can’t do without it? Indeed, your mobile phone is a very important part of you as it has even become the office of some people.

Also, most people have fitness apps on their phones that help with their workouts and also connect to virtual coaches, among other uses. But should you be using your phone while exercising?

According to research, when you are texting or talking on your phone while exercising, it becomes a huge distraction to you. With the rise in the telecom industry, as well as the advent of different brands of phone, getting a mobile phone has even become very affordable.

Collected.Reviews has a list of reviews from users about the best telecom services you can use if you want to get a mobile phone. But note that, there are reasons why you should not use your phone while exercising, and these reasons are listed below:

Your attention is divided

As good as a mobile phone is, it can also be a major distraction when you are exercising. When you decide to exercise, you have a goal in mind which is to keep fit and your phone can distract you from reaching your daily target. Your phone can ring when you are exercising or you might be carried away with texting or chatting with your friends. At the end of the day, you’d  realize that you’ve spent more time on your phone than exercising.

It causes stress and anxiety

When you decide to exercise, you are not just cutting down on calories, you are also supposed to relieve yourself of built-up stress and anxiety. However, exercising with your phone may even lead to more stress. The going back and forth to use the phone while exercising in itself is some form of stress.

It affects your posture

Getting a bad posture when you are trying to keep fit isn’t supposed to happen. But, when you are always on your phone even while exercising, your posture is greatly affected. This is because you tend to always bend over your phone often, and since you get to exercise daily, your body will get used to that particular posture.

You find it hard to concentrate on your pushups when using your phone

How possible is it that you get to use your phone while doing some push ups? That sounds impossible! When you decide to do 20 pushups, and you’ve barely done 10 when your phone beeps; the next thing that comes to your mind is quickly grabbing your phone to check up on the notifications. At that point you have lost concentration and your target for the day may not be met.

You can trip and fall

Do you know you can trip and fall while using your phone? Imagine using your phone while jogging, you might just miss a step, slip, or fall. You wouldn’t want that right? Then, you should avoid using your phone during exercises.

One major reason why exercising with your phone is bad is because it is a huge distraction to you. If you want to meet your daily exercise target, then your phone should be put aside so you can have maximum concentration.

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