Technology Solutions for Better Medical Practice Management


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Building a new business is a challenging endeavor no matter what market it is breaking into. Opening a new medical practice, though, faces obstacles unique to the health care industry; federal and state regulations and protecting patient information, on top of the regular business procedures and customer service issues. Thankfully, modern medical software and the ability to have online options for patients have made the process of streamlining medicine more available than ever. It can be a balancing act to manage all of the people and information that come across a clinic desk each day, but with new, more automated systems, an office can open ready to efficiently meet the needs of the people who walk through the doors. 

Electronic Finance and Record-Keeping 

Using an electronic filing system for medical records will smooth the operation of a facility and can allow communication with hospitals and other medical offices to remain open. This will reduce the time it takes to meet each patient’s needs. Likewise, using reputable chargemaster software will ensure that billing and insurance needs run as efficiently as possible. This will not only keep …

Preventing Caregiver Burnout

People who care for loved ones perform a special duty. Children help parents who once raised them. Spouses honor their marriage vows to take care of their partners in health and sickness. It is important that family caregivers take care of themselves and avoid burnout. A person who burns out will no longer be as effective.

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Recognizing Burnout

The onset of burnout is one good reason to call a Chevy Chase home care agency.  People should recognize the signs of burnout early and ask for help before symptoms become serious.

Burnout consists of physical and emotional exhaustion after a prolonged caregiving burden. Caregivers may find themselves irritable, withdrawn, and depressed. Over time, the quality of your care declines. In extreme cases, caregivers could take out their frustrations on their loved ones, causing harm.

Burnout Prevention Tips

Regular use of self-care strategies helps to manage the stress of caregiving. Some ideas …

Work in Health and Fitness? Here’s Why You Need Workers Comp Insurance

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Do you work in fitness, personal training, or another type of health field? Do you engage in strenuous physical activity throughout the day? If so, you may need to consider workers’ compensation. 

What is Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation is insurance. It acts as a financial buffer, should a worker become injured while on the job. For employees involved in active or dangerous work–such as health professionals, construction workers, or even those who travel often– workers’ comp typically covers pay and medical bills during periods of injury and recovery. As a result, employees are restricted from pressing charges against their company. It can be an incredible asset for those employed in precarious work, as it provides not only financial assistance but a sense of security as well. 

I Work in Fitness–Why Would I Need Workers Comp?

Fitness and health professionals put their bodies through a great deal of activity in the …

What Services Does a Dentist Provide?

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Regular trips to the dentist are crucial to maintaining a healthy smile, but what exactly does one do during an appointment, and how often should you go? The average dentist can provide the following services.

Regular Check Ups

Most dentists will schedule their patients for two check ups per year. These appointments are designed to periodically make sure that the patient’s teeth are being maintained well. During most check ups, a dentist and their assistant will check teeth and gums for any signs of decay, swelling or disease. If any problems arise, then the next steps will be discussed with the patient.

Teeth Cleaning

If everything checks out, the duo will then work to clean the teeth in order to remove any present plaque. Once all debris has been removed, the dentist then polishes teeth. Since it is seen as a basic service, there are many dentists who can help …